Australian Embassy

Citizenship by Descent

About Citizenship by Descent

You may be eligible to apply to become an Australian citizen by descent if:

  • you were born outside Australia and
  • one of your parents was an Australian citizen at the time of your birth.

If your Australian citizen parent was a citizen by descent, then that parent must have spent at least two years in Australia.

How to apply

To lodge a citizenship by descent application, please prepare documents per this checklist.
See: Application checklist

  • Photocopies and translation
    • All documents included in the application must be original or certified copies.
    • Certifying copies can only be done by an Australian citizen or a citizen of your country of residence who belongs to one of the professions listed in Form 118. – “This is a true copy of the original document” and name and signature of the person certifying the copy must be provided.
    • All documents not in English must be accompanied with English translations. Please see for a list of accredited translators, or use a professional translator. The translation must be either on company letterhead or must have the translator's official company stamp/seal and must include their contact details.
  • Returning original documents
    • All original documents provided as part of your application will be returned to you by courier service or post.


Last updated: 04/04/2017