Australian Embassy

Updating your new passport details

If you are a holder of an Australian visa and have obtained a new passport, you will need to advise this office or the Department of Home Affairs of your new passport details.

Visas applied online via ImmiAccount

Clients who have applied for their visa application online via ImmiAccount should use the “Change of passport details” form available in ImmiAccount. This form can be accessed by opening your application in ImmiAccount and referring to the relevant hyperlinks in the ‘Related Links” section at right of screen. This form can be used to update details relating to an ‘In progress’ or ‘Finalised’ application in your ImmiAccount.
See: ImmiAccount

You can use the online 'Change of passport details' form to update your passport number, date of issue/expiry and issue authority/place.


Please send the following to the Visa Section by email or post with the title “Request for new passport update”:
See: Visa Section Contact Details

  • a copy of the biodetails page of your old and new passports
  • your contact number and email address

Please note: if you are currently in Australia, you must contact the nearest visa and citizenship office in Australia. The Seoul and Tokyo office will not respond to requests for passport updates sent by clients who are currently in Australia.

If your new passport has a different English name, date of birth, or citizenship, please also include a copy of the biodetails page of your old passport and related evidence of the change (i.e. Identification Certificate).

The processing time is 2 weeks from the date we receive the request.

Once a new passport information is updated, we will send notification by email or phone. From then you can travel to Australia on the new passport you provided. Please ensure that you have a valid visa to Australia.