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Lodging applications

Lodging Applications

Although most visa or citizenship applications can be lodged online, some applications cannot be lodged online. In this case, you can submit your visa application to the Visa Section at the Australian Embassy Seoul with a paper application by mail or courier service.

Visa Section Contact Details - Australian Embassy Seoul

You should not book flights or make travel commitments until you have a visa to travel to Australia. The Department of Home Affairs will not be liable for any financial loss incurred by clients whose visa application was finalised later than expected or where an application is unsuccessful.


All documents not in English must be translated by an accredited translator ( or professional translator. The translation must be either on company letterhead or must have the translator's official company stamp/seal and must include their contact details.

Return of Original Documents

All original documents provided as part of your application will be returned to you by courier service at your own cost upon request. Therefore we encourage you to provide copies of the original documents.