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Australia now is a celebrtion of Australian innovation, lifestyle and creativity in Japan from April -  November 2018.

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Polyglot Theatre workshop at ASIA TYA Festival in Japan 2018

25 Feb 2018

© Sarah Walker

‘The space talks to me!’

Polyglot’s tour to Japan is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation, Creative Victoria, and Australia Council for the Arts.


Polyglot Theatre’s paper creation workshop ‘Paper Planet’

3 March 2018

Venue: Bay side arena, Minami-sanriku in Miyagi prefecture 

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Cinema Music with Sarah Àlainn

10 and 18 March 2018

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Book Review: "Policies for Indigenous Peoples, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants under the Australian Government"

26 March 2018

Author: Professor Yoshikazu Shiobara

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Australia-related Books published in 2017


Community as Method: Policies for Indigenous Peoples, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants under the Australian Government

October 2017 -

by Professor Yoshikazu Shiobara

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Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature Series 5th book “That Deadman Dance” by Kim Scott in Japanese published

May 2017-

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"The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton published in Japanese

26 May 2017

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Kate Morton


Publication in Japanese: “Party Politics in Australia”

30 June 2017 

Dr Yoshinobu Suyama

Published by Keisuisha

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Publication in Japanese : "Australian Indigenous People and Performance"

July 2017

Professor Keiji Sawada, Ph.D. of Faculty of Law, Waseda University

Published by University of Tokyo Press


"The Lake House" by Kate Morton published in Japanese

31 August 2017


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"Treasure hunting with Grandpa - The Boys from Durimbil -"

January 2018 -

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