Australian Embassy

Ambassador Hayhurst remarks at Tokyo City University



Good morning, President Yashiro, Chairman Izumi, Professor Kusaka, distinguished guests and students.

I thank President Yashiro for inviting me to deliver some words of encouragement.

To the students here today, congratulations on your admission to Tokyo City University. 

I’m sure you have worked hard to get here, so you should be very proud of this achievement.

A university education is a privilege, but it is, above all, an opportunity.

Your study and the experiences you will have at TCU over the coming four years will shape both your future life and your career path.

University Education is an opportunity, not just for you as individuals, but for society as a whole, which will need your talent, skills and dedication. 

You are embarking on university life at a time of great promise, as well as of disruption.

Never has the power of human intellect, critical thinking and creativity been more needed – or better rewarded.

The need to deliver clean energy, improve digital governance, protect our environment and harness the power of quantum computing and AI are just some the pressing challenges before us.

For democracies like Japan and Australia, we also know we need to work hard to protect our security – including cyber-security - as well as to make a difference on global issues like health security, economic development and supporting a stable and open Indo-Pacific.

Responding to all of this, requires brain power, creativity and effective collaboration.

By pooling our resources and capabilities, we can accelerate the development of critical technologies and foster innovation.

As an ambassador of one of Japan’s closest partners, I see every day the value of international engagement and cooperation.

I encourage you to think broadly and ambitiously about your studies – and the wider intellectual and social life of your university and country.

In our connected world, language skills and international experiences will be invaluable.

They won’t just make a difference to your own prospects, they will help you better serve the interests of your country, the future of which is tied to the stability, openness and character of the world outside.

It is the same for Australia.

The value and impact of our partnerships matter now, more than ever.

If you do decide to study abroad, I commend to you the ‘Tokyo City University Australia Program’.

This is a great opportunity for you to experience Australia’s vibrant culture and society.

You will get an understanding of the power of mutual understanding and partnership.

Our two countries need to develop intelligent, creative and passionate future leaders.

You could be one of those leaders, and one who supports academic, business or governmental cooperation between Japan and Australia - and other countries. 

So, I wish you success in your studies at Tokyo City University – enjoy your experience here - and I hope to see you in Australia at some stage in the future.

Thank you; 頑張ってください!