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MARTY HOLOUBEK TRIO II featuring May Inoue & Shun Ishiwaka

8 May 2024
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Cotton Club)

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Marty Holoubek


Film "Picnic at Hanging Rock" 4K restored version in Japanese theatres

3 May 2024-
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Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Dadang Christanto to participate in the Hyakunengo Art Festival- Uchiboso Art Festival 

23 March-26 May 2024
Uchiboso, Chiba prefecture

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Abdul-Rahman Abdullah "The final three"


ダダン・クリスタントの過去作品/Photo by Takenori Miyamoto + Hiromi Seno


Works by Matthew Harris, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan and Salote Tawale at the 8th Yokohama Triennale

15 March – 9 June  2024

Matthew Harris
Chun Yin Rainbow Chan 
Salote Tawale 

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Matthew Harris, Consigned to oblivion, 2023, installation view at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 
Photo: Andrew Curtis, ©Matthew Harris, Courtesy of the artist and FUTURES


Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Fruit Song No. 2, 2023–2024, ©Chun Yin Rainbow Chan


Salote Tawale, You, Me, Me, You, 2022, installation view at Ikon Gallery


Australian Studies Association of Japan Special Lecture

23 February 2024 
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 

Archived video


Film "Blueback" release in Japan

29 December 2023-
Theatres in Japan
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Film \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Blueback\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' release in Japan


Film "TALK TO ME" release in Japan

22 December 2023-

More information (in Japanese)

© 2022 Talk To Me Holdings Pty Ltd, Adelaide Film Festival, Screen Australia 


Rolf de Heer's "Bad Boy Bubby" in Japanese theatres

23 October 2023-

More information (in Japanese)


MAM Screen018:The Karrabing Film Collective

18 October 2023-31 March 2024
Minato-ku, Tokyo (Mori Art Museum)

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The Karrabing Film Collective
Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland
26 min. 29 sec.

The Karrabing Film Collective


Ngioka Bunda-Heath to take part in the Saison AIR Partnership 2023 Footscray Community Arts Exchange Project

15 August-11 September 2023
Koto-ku, Tokyo (Morishita Studio) adn Sapporo, Hokkaido (Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio)

Artist Talk:
17 August 19:00-20:30 at Morishita Studio

28 August 19:00-21:00 at Morishita Studio

More information (in Japanese)

Archived video


Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Blood Quantum

Photo:Michael Jalaru Torres


Australian Studies Association of Japan 2023 National Conference

17-18 June 2022
Kanagawa University

More information (in Japanese)

Archived video

Special Lecture by Professor Nicole Moore (English language)

Symposium I on Children's Literature (English language)

Symposium II on AUKUS (English language)


What Do Aboriginal Writers Question in Australian Contemporary Literature?

The Final Volume in the Series of Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature
Commemorative Forum for the Publication of "Odyssey of the Horizon" by Alexis Wright

2 June 2023
Online & Shibuya, Tokyo (Club Hillside Salon)

More information and registration

Archived video


The Masterpieces of Australian Contemporary Literature Series

Alexis Wright


Saison AIR Partnership 2022 Footscray Community Arts Exchange Project report

25 May 2023
Koko-ku, Tokyo (Morishita Studio)/Online

More information (in Japanese)

Archived video (in Japanese)


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Australia-related books recently published in Japan


Leah Purcell's "The Drover's Wife"/Alana Valentine's “Parramatta Girls”  (Australian play series vol.16) translated by Keiji Sawada

February 2024-



Mayumi Kamada ed. “Jiro Muramats and his Family: Portraits of the Family Connecting Japan and Australia” 

January 2024-

Digital edition


"Odyssey of the Horizon" by Alexis Wright

June 2023-

More information (in Japanese)


"Constructing Research Questions: Doing Interesting Research" by Mats Alvesson & Jörgen Sandberg

June 2023-
More information (in Japanese)


"Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women" by Kate Manne

April 2023-
More information (in Japanese)


 "Woke Capitalism: How Corporate Morality Is Sabotaging Democracy" by Carl Rhodes

April 2023-
More information (in Japanese)


"The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling" by Wai Chim

March 2023-
More information (in Japanese)


"History of the story Australia" (new edition) by Isami Takeda/Takayuki Nagano

February 2023-
More information (in Japanese)


Archive for past publication before 2022

The Masterpieces for Australian Contemporary Literature Series


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