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Australia now 2018 underway!


Australia now 2018 in Japan

Australia now is an exciting eight-month program running from April - November 2018, presented by the Australian Government. It builds on the deep and long-standing connections between Australia and Japan by presenting the best of Australian innovation, lifestyle and creativity, showcasing contemporary Australia to our friends in Japan. Australia and Japan’s close-knit relationship has expanded and deepened enormously over the past 70 years. Australia now is a unique opportunity to celebrate the depth of engagement between Australia and Japan and to build new relationships for the future.

Take a look at highlights of past events and a sneak-peak of the upcoming events at the Australia now website.

Upcoming Events

9 Nov - 10 Nov 2018
Spirit 2018 / I.B.I.S, Bangarra Dance Theatre
Saitama Arts Theatre, 3-15-1 Uemine, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama


Latest News and Events


Visit to Australia by the Prime Minister of Japan

14 November 2018

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Celebration of Australia in Japan adds momentum to deepening ties

9 November 2018

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Prime Minister​, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Defence – Joint  media statement – Strengthening Australia’s commitment to the Pacific 

8 November 2018

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Minister for Resources and Northern Australia  – Canavan heads to Japan for resources and energy talks  

21 October 2018

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Joint statement  - Eighth Japan-Australia 2+2 Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations  

The eighth Japan-Australia 2+2 Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations took place in Sydney. The Ministers reiterated their determination to work proactively together for the Indo-Pacific region.

10 October 2018

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Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Defence – Joint media release  - Australia-Japan Foreign and Defence Ministers' Meeting 

8 October 2018

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