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14th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) - 'Drive My Car' award ceremony at the Embassy

The film makers behind the Japanese film (Drive My Car) which won the 14th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) in November 2021, were invited to the Australian Embassy for an award ceremony in April 2022.

Film Director, Mr Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Producer, Mr Akihisa Yamamoto, Screenwriter, Mr Takamasa Oe and Production Director, Mr Yuji Sadai, were presented a commemorative gift by the Ambassador Adams.

(Film Director, Mr Ryusuke Hamaguchi (centre) and team members from Drive My Car, Ambassador Adams (centre-left) and the Embassy staff) Photo credit: Australian Embassy in Tokyo

On this 14th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA), Japan received the most nominations with nods in seven different categories.

Mr Ryusuke Hamaguchi has previously won the Best Screenplay Award for the movie (Happy Hour) with Mr Tadashi Nohara and Mr Tomoyuki Takahashi in 2016. Mr Nohara attended the ceremony in Queensland.

In March 2022, Drive My Car has also won the Best International Feature Film Award at the US Academy Awards.

Asia Pacific Screen Awards

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards nominate, movies from various countries and regions of Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific has the fastest growing film industry, covering over 70 countries and regions while being involved in over half of all the movies produced globally. The Asia Pacific Screen Awards, set the highest standards of selection to celebrate the regions exceptional filmmaking and cultural diversity.