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Naming convention

The acceptable identity documents relating to the applicant’s legal name for the purposes of a citizenship by descent application would include officially issued documentation, such as:

• Birth certificate (Koseki Tohon if the applicant is Japanese)
• Official change of name documentation
• Current foreign passports

Where a foreign passport has been provided in support of an application, the naming convention provided in Foreign passports supersede other forms of identification.

Please note that the Department of Home Affairs has no discretion to adjust a person’s current legal name that is not supported by a legal name change process that has taken place in Australia or in the person’s country of habitual residence.  If you wish the child’s name to be recorded in a certain way which is not supported by any of the above legal documents, you must go through legal name change after Citizenship by descent application is finalised.

NOTE about dual/multiple citizenship:

A person with dual/multiple citizenship is someone who holds citizenship of two or more countries.  

Australia allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship, but other countries may not. If you want to apply for Australian citizenship, we strongly advise you to check if your country/countries of citizenship allow(s) citizens to hold dual or multiple citizenships.

Dual citizenship in Japan:

Japan recognises dual citizenship in certain circumstances. Please contact the Ministry of Justice, Japan, for information on Japan’s law on dual citizenship and possible loss of Japanese citizenship before applying for Australian Citizenship by Descent or by Conferral.

The Department of Home Affairs cannot provide advice on other countries' laws on dual/multiple citizenship.