Australian Embassy

Australian Film Night, Vol. 3

Australian Film Night, Vol. 3 was held on 22 April 2022. 









The aim of this film night series is to promote Australian culture in Japan. In the 3rd  iteration of Australian Film Night, the Embassy screened the iconic movie ‘Gallipoli’ directed by renowned Australian film director Peter Weir.

The film showcases the friendship of two young men whose fate was at the mercy of the Gallipoli campaign, a war that awakened the Australian national consciousness.  

Prior to the screening of the movie, Minister-Counsellor Greg Ralph explained the background history and Australia’s involvement in the war.  He also mentioned about his personal connection to this film: 

‘This film is personally very memorable piece of work as my grandfather was actually sent to Gallipoli, making a very special connection for many Australians including myself.’











After the screening, our special guests, International Political Scientist Dr Kiichi Fujiwara, Mr Keiji Ono from the National Institute of Defense studies, along with the Embassy’s Air Force Attaché  Wing Commander Alison Spark participated in a panel discussion about the film.










Dr Fujiwara, who is also a movie expert said:

‘This film (Gallipoli) is a very original piece of work; one can see the outstanding use of the telephoto lenses and the wonderful expressions by director Weir to carefully manage the lighting.’

‘For Australia and its people, Gallipoli is a story of independence. This event was a great opportunity for us to learn the meaning of the memories of war shared across various societies.’  

The Air Force Attaché from the Embassy, Wing Commander Alison Spark said: 

‘The battle of Gallipoli symbolises Australia’s independence and holds great significance for the nation.’

‘When I was a child, I marched at ANZAC Day ceremonies, but I did not understand the significance of ANZAC Day. But I now clearly understand that the Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought so bravely, so that many children can enjoy the freedom we have today.’











This event took place prior to the ANZAC Day on 25 April 2022.