Australian Embassy

Ambassador Hayhurst - Nihonbashi Space Week Opening Ceremony Speech

Monday 27 November




Thank you for the invitation to Nihonbashi Space Week.

This year, seven Australian space startups are exhibiting at Space Week.

We have 11 other Australian space companies attending tomorrow, as part of an industry trade mission to Japan.

I hope you can engage with our companies at the Australia booth, or in a pitch session, scheduled tomorrow.

For Australia, the space sector has both strategic and economic importance.

With Japan, which so close to Australia in security and economic terms, we see great potential in joint research, joint capability development and for deeper industry partnerships.

The Australian Space Agency and JAXA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on Space in 2020, and our two countries have been working closely together since.

Notably, on the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) capsule, a JAXA-led mission to collect samples from outer-space, with Australia as the landing-site for the MMX capsule.

We have further deepened our collaboration this year.

In May, Australia hosted 11 Japanese Space organisations and JAXA in Adelaide for the Australian Space Forum.

And, this month, two Australian companies were honoured to be chosen as recipients of the S-Booster awards, a space sector business ideas competition sponsored by Japan’s Cabinet Office.

Further opportunities for collaboration show exciting potential, specifically in: earth observation, launch and spaceports.

Australia also wants to boost engagement with Japan, in the public and private sector, in robotics, satellite hardware, software, and in ground stations.

And we have this potential, not just because of our mutual expertise, and cutting edge technology, or because of Australia’s favourable geography, but because we have strategic trust and a shared strategic agenda.

This growing strategic and commercial convergence is the foundation for our partnership in space.

With that in mind, I wish all the attendees at Nihonbashi Space Week a successful week.