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FAQs: About Australia

About Australia          


Where can I find an Australian library in Japan?
Otemon Gakuin University's Australia Library is the only library in Japan specialising in Australia. Please refer to the Australia Library website (in Japanese) for more details.


I would like to know about daylight savings time in Australia
Please refer to the Australian Government’s ‘time’ page for more information about time zones in Australia.


What is the power supply system in Australia?
The domestic main power supply in Australia is 240V, 50Hz. Australian standard electric sockets are 3-pin earthed power outlets. As a result, most Japanese electrical appliances cannot be used in Australia.


What public holidays are observed in Australia?
With the exception of national holidays, public holidays differ in each of Australia's States and Territories. Please refer to the Australian Government’s ‘Public Holidays’ webpage for more information.


Where can I find information about travelling in Australia?
Please refer to the Tourism Australia website for Australian travel-related information. You can access a list of travel agents specialising in Australia on Tourism Australia’s Find a Travel Specialist website.


I received a letter/email from Australia stating that I had won a lottery in Australia. What shall I do?
There is a high probability that the letter/email is an attempt at fraud. Please refer to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s SCAM watch page for more information.


I have a bank account in Australia. I would like details on the Australian Government deposit guarantee.
Please refer to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)’s Financial Claims Scheme page.


I would like to find out about the Social Security Agreement between Australia and Japan, and about Aged Pension eligibility requirements.
Please refer to the Social Security Agreement between Australia and Japan for more information (the link is in both Japanese and English).


I graduated from a high school in Australia. Am I eligible to enter a Japanese university? 

Please refer to the Study in JAPAN website produced by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Japan for detailed information.

If you have any questions, please contact JASSO or the Japanese university directly.

Secondary education systems vary for each state and territory in Australia. Please refer to the links below for more details, and contact the relevant education department directly if you have further questions.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia


Information and resources about Australia 


Does the Australian Embassy provide photographs and film footage of Australia for loan?
No. Photographs and video footage of Australia are available from Tourism Australia’s Image Gallery.


Where can I obtain educational materials issued by the Australian Embassy Tokyo?
You may download our publications “Tell Me About Australia” (Japanese only) or “Australia in Brief”, or visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s about Australia  page.

The Australia-Japan Foundation's "Experience Australia" Education Kit is also available for loan to Japanese schools free of charge. The kit, which provides everyday examples of Australian life and culture, may be borrowed from educational institutions around Japan. Please see “Experience Australia” Educational Kit page for more details.


Where can I find statistical information about Australia?
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's national statistical agency.


Where can I download an image and find information about the Commonwealth Coat-of-Arms/Australian National Flag/Australian Anthem? 
You can visit It's An Honour to download these resources. 


Can the Australian Embassy Tokyo provide Australian promotional materials, such as posters and stickers?
The Embassy does not produce promotional materials such as posters and stickers. Images may be downloaded from Tourism Australia’s Image Gallery.


Where can I download maps of Australia?
Please refer to Geoscience Australia’s Maps of Australia website.


Does the Australian Embassy maintain a list of Australian companies in Japan? Would it be possible to access such information?
Please see The Membership Directory of the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) for information on Australian companies operating in Japan. (The ANZCCJ has close to 600 members representing a wide range of industries and experiences in the Japanese market.)


Dose the Australian Embassy Tokyo offer examination supervision service?  
The Australian Embassy Tokyo does not offer examination supervision service. Please search online using words such as “Examinations invigilation service in your location” or “Testing service in your location, to find out the places which provide such service.