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Commonwealth War Cemetery, Yokohama Hodogaya

About the cemetery

Yokohama War Cemetery is situated about 5 kilometers west of central Yokohama and about 30 kilometers from the centre of Tokyo. The Australian War Graves group constructed the cemetery in 1945. It is the only war cemetery in Japan administered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The cemetery comprises four main parts; the United Kingdom section, The Australian section, the Canadian and New Zealand section and the Indian Forces 1939-45 section. There is also a post-war section. A Cross of Sacrifice stands in each of the first three sections. Instead of a cross, a specifically designed monument in the form of a pylon dominates plot in the fourth section. In the north wall of this section is also the Yokohama Memorial commemorating those who died while serving with the occupation forces in Japan and for whom no burial or cremation information exists.

In the Australian section of the cemetery there are graves of 277 known and 3 unknown Australians. There are 10 navy, 250 army, 8 air force and 9 merchant navy named graves. Of the 3 unknown Australians, 2 were re-buried at Yokohama from their unmarked resting place on Hainan Island in June 1992.

In the post-war section, 57 Australian servicemen are laid to rest. These include those who gave their lives in the Korean War, some from the occupation forces in Japan and those who died more recently. The grave of Warrant Officer Ray Simpson who won a Victoria Cross in Vietnam, and who subsequently lived in Japan, is in this section.


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