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Adult passport applications

Renewing passports:

Renewing your passport is a quick and streamlined way to get a new passport. Click here to download a streamlined Australian Passport Renewal Application form. If you are ineligible to renew your passport using the above streamlined process, you will need to submit a full application with supporting document and a guarantor's endorsement.

Applying for a new passport:

If you are an Australia citizen who is applying for a new Australian passport in Japan, you should complete an application for an Australian Passport Overseas.

You can:

Child passport applications

If you are an Australian citizen under 18 years of age who is applying for an Australian passport in Japan, you are required to complete a full Application for an Australian Passport Overseas. Streamlined passport renewal is not available for child passport applications.

You can:

Required Documents:

When you apply for an Australian passport for a child you must provide:

1. Original documents which confirm the child’s identity and Australian citizenship

You will need to provide the child's full original Australian (or foreign) birth certificate. Where a foreign birth certificate is presented you must also provide an Australian citizenship certificate which can be issued by the Visas and Immigration Section.

Birth extracts, commemorative certificates, photocopies, or facsimile copies are not acceptable.

For applicants born in Japan:

If one parent is Japanese, please provide an extract of the Japanese Family Register koseki tohon or koseki shohon

If both parents are not Japanese please provide the shussei todoke kisai jiko shomeisho OR shussei todoke jyuri shomeisho (available from the City Office where the birth was registered).

If you are required to present foreign documentation that is not written in English, you must provide an English translation made by an approved translation service. English translations must be an exact copy.

For applicants born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986:

Please provide the applicant’s own evidence of Australian citizenship or proof of one parent’s Australian citizenship with one of the following:

  • one parent's full birth certificate issued by an Australian RBDM before 20 August 1986
  • one parent's passport issued on or after 20 August 1986 that was valid for at least two years and at the time of the child's birth
  • one parent's Australian citizenship certificate detailing their acquisition of citizenship before the child's birth


2. Previous passport (not required for a first time application) 


3. Consent from all persons with parental responsibility for the child

A passport may be issued to a child if the consent of all persons with parental responsibility for the child has been obtained. For more information see Children and Parental Consent.


4. Change of name of child (if applicable)

You must bring originals of documents that explain any name changes the child has had since birth or since obtaining Australian citizenship. A passport is issued in the child's birth (or citizenship) name, unless another name has been registered with the Australian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages or the local equivalent authority in the child's country of permanent residency (if the child was born overseas), and you can provide the original of the change of name certificate (or local equivalent) or revised birth certificate. Anglicised names are not acceptable without a formal name change certificate.

If the child was born in Japan, obtained Australian citizenship prior to March 2009 and the certificate shows a different name to the name on their Japanese birth document due to either:

  • romaji spelling of names; or
  • Japanese Authorities not allowing a middle name or Australian parent's surname

The form B11 must be completed to explain the difference

If the child's name has changed more than once, please provide details of the most recent name change on the form and provide documents for each name change.

If the child's parents' current names are different to those shown on the child's birth certificate, documents that explain the difference must be provided.


Passport Fees

Current for January 2020

Payment methods:

  • All payments must be in Japanese yen in cash at the Consulate Offices in Sapporo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Credit card facilities available in Tokyo.
  • Fees are subject to change and updated on the first working day of each month based on the current foreign exchange rate.
  • Fees are payable on lodgement





10 – year validity passport (for applicants aged 18 and over)


10 – year validity passport (for applicants aged 16 and 17)


5 – year validity passport (for children under 16)


5 – year validity passport (optional for applicants aged 75 and over)


Replacement passport



The above Passport fees apply and are payable under the provisions of the Australian Passports (Application Fees) Act 2015 and the Australian Passports Amendment Determination 2015.

* Replacement passports have the same expiry date as the passport being replaced. Adults with more than 2 years validity remaining on their current passport which has full visa pages are eligible to apply.

Lodging a passport application

Please book an appointment online to lodge your application at your nearest Australian mission.

Child applications aged 15 or under must be lodged by a parent or person with parental responsibility for the child.

Child applications aged 16 or 17 must be lodged by the applicant together with a parent or person with parental responsibility for the child. Applications must still include parental consent. The person lodging the child's application must also provide proof of identity.


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