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Incomplete applications may not be accepted and will cause delays.
Please complete the
Passport Application Checklist prior to submitting.
See Passport Fees and Payments here.


From 1 September 2022, Adult Passport Renewals for eligible applicants can be lodged via postal mail.

From 1 January 2023, Child Passport Renewals for eligible applicants* can be lodged via postal mail.
(*Children who have previously held an Australian passport and are aged up to and including 15 years old)




If you have any questions, please send us an email: 

Australian Embassy Tokyo Consular Section email address: [email protected]
Australian Consulate-General Osaka Consular Section email address: [email protected]


Go to Passport Topics for more passport related information.




Urgent travel under exceptional circumstances with direct flight to Australia (no transits) 

Under exceptional circumstances, Australian citizens can enter Australia without a valid Australian passport (ie. holding an expired Australian passport).

If you don’t have a valid passport, and urgently need to travel before a passport (including an emergency passport) can be issued, please advise airline staff you are an Australian citizen and do not require a visa to enter Australia (even if you are a dual citizen).  The airline will contact the Australian Border Force to verify your citizenship. You must carry other identity documents with you.
Enquire directly with the Department of Home Affairs for more information on this matter.

It is important you get to the airport early in case of any delays. Departure from the country you are in is subject to the laws and policies in that country. 

If you are travelling to a different country (not Australia) and do not have a valid passport, or have enough time to apply for a passport (including an emergency passport) please lodge an application for a new Australian passport. 


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